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  • GRANISER GRANIT SERAMIK A.S. Senior Management hereby undertakes that;
  • As Graniser family, to provide Customer satisfaction,
  • To see our employees, customers and suppliers as a link in our quality chain,
  • To adopt philosophy of “Quality starts and goes on with Education”, and see education as a tool for our employees and activities,
  • To develop whole our activities according to our customer feedback,
  • To determine and develop solutions for whole health and safety risks against our employees as we seem them as our most valuable asset.
  • To obey legal regulations, When legal regulations not enough, to implement further actions according to technological advancements and sector specific inclinations,
  • To destroy danger at its source, to ensure protection against accident, injury, disease, usage of personal protectors and participation of all personnel to necessary educations,
  • To contribute to public health and safety with production Technologies and products,
  • In order to leave a livable clean environment to next generations, To protect environment, To reduce, recycle or legal termination of wastes, to use natural resources more efficiently, to reduce environmental risks, to consider environmental effects when designing facilities and processes.
  • To enhance environmental consciousness, to effectively use natural resources (like raw materials, energy, water etc.) to reduce environmental risks,
  • To announce the quality, environment, work health and security policies to public and employees, to review them on regular bases, these policies are applicable and constant.
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